sidestepping social media's short attention span


And so here we are again, friends.

The site is live, ever the work in progress - as usual, but particularly for the while. Please bear with me as I get these pages up one by one.

There will be a lot of fakey bakey Latinese around here for a while as placeholders for the content I will be filling in as time and my patience permits.  Some of it will be original; some will be backlogging from Instagram.  I still have folders to create and libraries to build (and well this time, so I have no questions and no garbage buildup that's tedious to change after the fact).  As a result, there will also be dead links here and there and duplicate images.

Eventually, it will all come together. 


So what's in store?  First off is re-archiving my fics, WIPs and dabbles, as well as taking a deep breath and going live with some nonfiction short stories I've had incubating for a long while. Also up is my Ravelry Project List replacement (Ravelry being a topic I'll be covering another time on the blog, when I've cooled down enough) and a proper gallery to kickstart my drawing, which I've sorely neglected. Finally, I would like to upload a proper few personal galleries, including (yes, Trish, I've not forgotten) a Floofery.

Again, this is mostly static stuff aside from additions, nothing nearly as exciting as my 1998 Geocities had been, I assure you. I was razor sharp geek!proud and techie back then. LOL!


But hopefully, I can fill out my worlds here and complement the present tense with my blog, which is hosted at Blogger, and do this all within my means and ability to upkeep.  I tend towards inspiration in bursts, so there likely will be be dry spells followed by a rush of diversions.

Such is me.  For what it's worth, enjoy!


ever onto another project, another idea, another dream...

feedback via email? technology at work!

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